Opinion mixed with facts

10/17/2021 Washington State Trooper in Yakima, Wash. signs off after 22 years fired by @GovInslee for being unvaccinated.

10/14/2021 The globalist coordinated attack on ivermectin is a crime against humanity.

10/12/2021 Am I The Only One Love this song, it says it all. "Am I the only one who quits singing along every time they play a Springsteen song?" The unedited with explicit language version is even appropriate for this song. I feel the anger coming from Aaron Lewis I have it too.

10/08/2021 Here are the most banned books in public libraries and schools. Ironically they are among the greatest books in modern literature. Most of them have one thing in common: they warn about the dangers of tyranny or censorship. 1984 and Animal House were required reading when I was in HS.

10/08/2021 Townhall with a teacher giving a warning out. It's not new to me I've known for years the commie agenda is being pushed hard on young easily influenced minds. Vaccines and masks wearing is just another chapter. History Teacher video

09/29/2021 Yesterday, high temps did get back into the 90's again with (91) here in NE Valentine and +2 at (93) just 3/4 miles east of here. The ASOS set another fake record high of 95. Still no sign of frost or a freeze in the forecast. Today the 29th is the average 20 year first freeze date for Valentine. As mentioned before Oct. 4th is what this station has recorded as an average first freeze since 2014 so it's shifted later for sure. This is why I'm not a climate denier the numbers are real and why they need to stop faking the airport ASOS which is just skewing the real warming rate. Until the ASOS can go above 94% humidty again you know it's tampered with, and until that happens I'm going to keep blogging about it.

I was looking at some of the old blog post back in Jan. 2018 where it was mentioned in March of 2017 there was a sudden jump with the Valentine ASOS +1.5 compared with surrounding weather stations according to (MADIS) that tracks weather data. This is when they jacked the ASOS temperature up (+1.8). They altered the Winner SD ASOS before Valentine, I even mentioned to a forecaster back in (2015 or 2016) something was going on with the Winner SD airport ASOS it just looked to warm and low and behold they did the same to the KVTN ASOS soon after. The airport ASOS RH when I first moved back to Valentine in 2014 was always running above my instruments in the morning hours hitting 100% on any foggy days and had no problem getting above 94% until they raised the ambient temperature almost 2 which directly alters the relative humidity and why it no longer goes above 94%. You can get on a dewpoint/RH calculator and run the numbers and see why. Use this station on any high RH day near 100% and put the +1.8 ambient error in and it will always come out just like the airport 93.7%. They are even allowing the temperature during ice storms to be faked with above freezing temperatures while ice is forming on everything. Multiple cases of icing even posted images so everyone knows but they continue to fake the temperature. Like I've mentioned before how they are getting away with it is use the very loose ASOS temperature specs +/- (1.8) which happens to be the same error. I had a government-contracted airport weather station tech who works on these weather stations come right out and say look at the ASOS temperature specs for answers. And they call these ASOS stations official climate, Give me a break. This isn't opinion but fact based.

09/26/2021 Bombshell about the origin of Covid, the Lancet article now says there is no scientific evidence Covid-19 came from any natural source. AKA Bats or any other animal. PODCAST start at 31-minute mark when Natalie Winters starts.

09/18/2021 The high temperature here in Valentine was 69 yesterday including the downtown Coop station at the radio station. The fake airport KVTN ASOS was 71 the (+1.8) I've reported they've purposely raised to accelerate the global warming scare on rural climate stations. Primary climate stations are those that are long-term well established like Valentine. (They don't look at heat islands in urban areas it's the rural climate station's scientists mainly focus on.) So who is they? I'm not sure who all is involved but was told on a weather forum by an independent contractor and technician of weather stations to look at the ASOS specs for answers and sure enough, the loose specs are exactly the same (+/-) 1.8 we are seeing. This same tech who said this got tight-lipped and disappeared off the forum when asked follow-up questions for more information. He said enough and let the cat out of the bag why we see this 1.8 error. So they are flat out faking a +1.8 temperature rise because it's still within spec and feeding this to scientists, the public and Congress as real warming. This is what you get with the DNC-appointed head of NOAA going on 13+ years now. Here is an example of a nearby ASOS not yet altered because it's new, the Gordon Airport ASOS. It still goes above 94% humidity and not considered an established climate station so raising the temperature makes no difference.